Skills & History

Digital Media

Webdesign, app design, UX, video edition, 3D modeling.

Graphic Design

Mastered Adobe Creative Cloud, Poster design, Logo and icon design, typography.

Branding / Advertising

Working with understanding of branding and advertising. Creating ads, promotional materials and photos.


Fresh approach in developing websites and apps. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bit of PHP.

I always knew what I am gonna do with my life, so choosing my career path was very easy for me. My work is my biggest passion and entertainment. I work fast and effectively, always with a good result. I also know the market already pretty well even If I am only 21 years old. Like not many multimedia designers I can combine manual skills, good knowledge of adobe suite and other programs, deep understanding of business and advertising market with the ability of coding. For more details read the descriptions below.


Regent's University is a beautifully placed facility in the heart of London, one of the Royal Parks - Regent's Park. It's only 10 min from the Sherlock's famous area - Baker Street. As a student there I learnt a lot about my profession. I also gained a lot of international experience. I can cooperate with any kind of people from every corner of the world. I had classes from two courses at once - Communication Design and Digital Media and TV Production. It suited more my professional expectations and gave me much more abilities and information than just one point of view on media and design industry. I participate many of various event organised by Regent's like for example 20th Century Fox Workshop, Kevin Spacey Workshop and Jean Monnet Lecture about Democratic Accountability in UE.

While I was living in Denmark, I was doing my AP (Danish bachelor) degree at IBA Kolding in Multimedia design and Communication. International Academy gave me an insight on the business of multimedia and advertising market. Thanks to this university I gain a solid knowledge how to code websites and about User Experience. I also took part in many interesting events like Go Buddy project for young entrepreneurs.

I started my adventure with Art High School when I was 15 years old and continued it for next 4 years (Art Schools lasts 1 year longer). I highly enjoyed the time I spent there. I learnt a lot about art history (I even had one of my articles printed in Artforum), which later becomes my base for research and inspiration in my work. I always could draw but this school gave me a really good understanding of many techniques and ways I can do something special and original. I had classes on drawing, painting, sculpturing, calligraphy and much more. I also signed to advertising history and I value the knowledge I gain there greatly.


I am an active freelancer since 2013. I started my career from freelancing and I am still open for interesting projects around me even when I have a long contract with one company. In the beginning of my activity I was mostly in graphic design but after almost 2 years in the business, I expanded my skills and work targets with development, 3D modeling, application building, and video production. My every work finished with success, I can communicate with every professional person and always give my highest performance.

ClassySound is a company which creates high-quality stylish products for luxury places and people. My mission is to keep the visual side of the company on a high level. The image is very important thing for ClassySound, like for every luxury brand. I had to keep my work elegant yet original, always with a minimalistic clean attitude. Few of many tasks I was responsible for are advertising, web design and coding (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), video making, promotional pictures and posters, and animation. The tools I used are mostly Adobe CC programs in addition to Zbrush, my drawing skills and a lot of good time organization. The last year Classy developed above 100% rise and got investitions for over a 2 mln euro. Recently, the company is based in Dubai and gaining more and more popularity.

My task in IT School was to take care of web design mostly for a new branch of the company named PrezArt - professional presentation and events making company. I was also making the promotional graphics and comic drawings for social media. The website I made noted a huge popularity and customers approval.



After Effects

Premiere Pro


In design

Maya Autodesk








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