Visual creator

You can find me under name Agata Rok and Inventio. I graduated with Communication Design from Regent's University London. I work as a designer and developer. I am into branding, UI/UX, developing, video production, web design, graphic design and fine arts. I take my inspirations from everywhere, my mind is constantly busy finding new ways to create unconventional solutions for my projects. In my work, I combine geometry, modern fashion, and minimal aesthetics. I won many graphic competitions and had an individual exhibition of my art. The newest task on my to-do list is to improve my knowledge of special effects, 3D modeling and sound design. I always learn something new - definitely, my work is my passion. In every group, I am the one who is overly excited about the project. Personally, I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies, especially their special effects. However, old cinema is still my favorite. Usually, I read about art, astronomy, history, medicine and advertising. I love people, vine and travelling. Fun fact - I like to learn numeric strings which usually has few hundreds of digits. If you feel like knowing more write me without hesitation.


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Inverness Terrace 59, Queensway, London